Sorry, guys. We’ve had to take a bit of a sabbatical this past week just to catch up on all of the media that we took in the past few weeks beforehand. We made ourselves scarce in order to dedicate the time and energy required to properly curate this month’s mix. Due to the sheer volume of material we collected this past month, VHS Wave Vol Twelve is a double playlist, featuring twice the time and twice the tracks as the average bear. Having pored through the back catalogs of several artists, consumed new releases by tried-and-true favorites, and explored must-hears by peripheral projects, this month’s massive installment is truly a hodgepodge of good jams. The predominant tone of both side A and side B is experimental glo-fi and witchy electronic tunes. The first batch of tracks on both sides are high energy vaporwave and synthwave songs, followed up by a handful of witch house and (regular) house bangers. The second half of each side devolves into a quagmire of experimental bedroom electronic music, culled predominantly from Purr Tapes' timeless Summer Compilation 2012 and SVNSET WΛVES' latest mixtape, WINTΞR WINDS Vol. 1. A lot of leftfield house sounds appear, along with some pronounced R&B and downtempo influence. The lo-fi electronics, dark drudgery, and surreal sludge of today’s DIY beatmakers are well represented in VHS Wave Vol Twelve, once you get past the first several hooks. Be sure to check out the emotive witch house entries by Jogging House and Howlings on Side A along with Giraffage's 16-bit glo-fi remix of The-Dream and Indigo High's experimental ambient vignette on Side B. There are so many more good moments than just those few, though. All told, this oversized bundle of jams is a fitting end for the first run of our VHS Wave series. Do tha right thing, and download Side A here, or stream here. Side B is available for download here, and streaming free as well here. If you like what you hear, repost or retweet. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Bandcamp. Purchase these artists’ albums and merch, in order to keep the good tunes flowing. We pay our dues, and we’re reaping the benefits. Enjoy VHS Wave Vol Twelve!

VHS Wave Vol Twelve Side A

1.   情報デスクVirtual  shop@home netw☯rk llc

2.   SHOWDEE  lazy man

3.   JACOB 2-2  the light shines

4.   MINKS  painted indian

5.   TANGERINE DREAM  love on a real train (betamaxx remix)

6.   CARPENTER BRUT  meet matt stryker

7.   IMPLODED VIEW  julia taxi (vhs head remix)

8.   BRAXTON/PALMER  callin’ your body

9.   DOSE  my promise

10. THROWING SNOW & PY  wallow (lapalux remix)

11. BOX OF WOLVES  addicted

12. JOGGING HOUSE  woman

13. LΛWNMOWHER  i’m thinking 2 much

14. TOKYO HANDS  valleys

15. BKBROWN  ghost

16. SIEREN  escape

17. TWOS  blur

18. NEW DREAMS LTD.  asleep in the ice cave

19. FULL NOTICE  forever

20. HOWLINGS  hold me close

Download here.

VHS Wave Vol Twelve Side B

1.   COM TRUISE  wasat

2.   SLOSLYLOVE  late night

3.   ACRXSS  across

4.   GIRAFFAGE  mama

5.   CLAMS CASINO  cry for me


7.   BΔDKΔRMΔ  kill the tenderness

8.   CARLING RUSE  need u

9.   ICE CREAM SOCIAL  under the night

10. OUTLANDS  devout (chromatic dream remix)

11. COYOTE CLEAN UP  sun smiles (lite)

12. 28 MANSIONS  floating bones

13. WHITE FLASHES  february 27, 1974

14. MORRI$  ladyboy

15. BOY MTN  abductor

16. LX SWEAT  tread you right

17. AIRSPORTS  pro cell

18. CHROMATIC DREAM  little russian camera

19. INDIGO HIGH  if i could go..

20. G∞GLE  hollow

21. CFCF  the forest at night

Download here.

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