The tunes and tones of yesteryear seem to undeniably be widely held in high regard by those of us that, thirsty for nostalgia, now make up a huge section of today’s acts, artists, and producers. Amid all of the mismatched, re-purposed sampling and cloud-sourced, plundered vibes, even a leftfield take on an original composition is now a bit of a rarity. Our 20/20 hindsight and well-honed production techniques seem to lend themselves well to remastering our childhood memories, as well exemplified in Florida synthwave artist Navigateur's latest effort, his Infinity (Vol. 1) beat tape. Released yesterday via Datadiamond's Formalogic Records, Navigateur's latest mixtape is not a proper full-length like last year's Surface, yet still manages to hit just as, if not harder. Appropriations and misappropriations abound as Carlos Andujar (Navigateur) reworks samples from our pop culture palette into sparkling synthwave bangers with a liberal application of those new wave/synthpop basslines that put acts like Bobby Tank and Com Truise on the radar. He mixes up the percussion quite a bit as well, alternating between the reverb-heavy toms oft-used by the outrun crowd and trap/juke beats that glo-fi and neo-R&B artists consistently rely on for those smoove slow jams. Even the more experimental moments on Infinity (Vol. 1) will appeal to fans of everything from Friendzone's glitchy, minced vocal edits to Mitch Murder's soft focus cosmopolitan sheen. What makes this a strong release is its maximalist use of electronics, every spare second crammed to bursting with ascendent sci-fi sounds, analog synth ambience, and 80's R&B percussion. The mix's found classic sounds so loved by future funk artists and fans alike are almost indiscernible from the original arrangements, blending the past and future seamlessly non-stop for a whole hour. There is literally something here for every fan of net-based retro electronic music: witchy pitch-shifted vocals, deliberately peaking 16-bit samples, and smeared glitch-hop time signatures. Everything on the beat tape is impeccably timed and coated in a glamorous, golden aura that doesn't allow the listening audience to settle for just being turnt up. Navigateur's Infinity (Vol. 1) is a nightdrive down memory lane that does not stop until you do, soaring beyond the confines of this silent planet, of this mortal coil, and into an infinite state of paroxysmal bliss. Whether you consider yourself more of a fan of polished nods to the past (i.e. Giraffage, Lapalux) or side solidly with the cloudy retro-futurist SPF420 collective (Saint Pepsi, Wasted Nights), this album is for you, and you need to hear it badly. Do tha right thing, and grab a copy of Infinity (Vol. 1) here at Formalogic Records for whatever price you’re comfortable with. We have a strong feeling that this is going to be our favorite release in all of 2014.

MP3 Download of “Runnin”, by Navigateur (from Infinity Vol. 1)

MP3 Download of “2D Heart”, by Navigateur (from Infinity Vol. 1)

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Datadiamond at Burro Bar, July 13 2014


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Full version of my submission for Lazerdisk’s “Keep Watch Mix XL” mixtape for Mishka (https://soundcloud.com/bloglin/lazerdisk-keep-watch-mix-xl). Summer time. Dig it.

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Pattern recognition, Jessica Tremp

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Extended version of a track submitted for Amplified Vol.1 (http://theelbowjax.com/amplified-vol-1/), a compilation of artists from the Jacksonville, FL, area.

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Kartell, Editorial, Circa 1986

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       My van was stolen yesterday in Chicago with everything Danny and I own in it, along with 4 friends’ guitars/personal items/passports. We’ve been away from home for nearly 6 months. Touring from New York to Florida, then out to LA. Stayed in LA for 3 months to write and record a full length while living in the van. And then planned to tour back through Canada finishing in NY.

         We got through Canada but lost everything yesterday in Chicago. The window was smashed out, and the van was taken in broad day light near Wicker Park. Total of somewhere near $25k worth of amps, guitars, recording equipment, and personal belongings. We don’t have any type of insurance that will cover any of these losses. I’m going to try to update photos of all of the gear…I’ll post what would be most noticeable if it popped up somewhere around Chicago or anywhere.

          Also, Some people have reached out wanting to donate. It’s truly amazing how supportive friends have been. If you want to help out at all there is a paypal at godeepny@gmail.com

       Most of the gear, including the van, I bought from sleeping on my floor for 6 months while renting my room on airbnb and working full time at a Japanese restaurant.  Danny incurred about 10k in debt buying recording equipment to finish the Mason Avery (His other project) record over the past 6 years that is now lost, as the four copies of mixes are on harddrives/computers/laptops in the van. Luckily, the Go Deep record is backed up in LA. We are feeling generally sick after pushing so hard to make music happen in our lives. If you want to help out, hit us on the paypal. Everything helps, and it will go directly to getting us back to being touring musicians.

        If you have any questions regarding anything or have any leads, email me at kris.kneale@gmail.com or get me on facebook. I’m gonna go buy a sweater now. It was cold last night. 

The Van

Green Ford E-350 2001

License Plate GKJ3343

Driver-side rear view mirror has black tape holding it up.

Rear right tire is missing it’s hubcap.

Dent at bottom of passenger rear door. And rust along the bottom edges.

Select Items that may be noticable

Seafoam Green Dillion Mosrite Guitar

Fender “Musicmaster II” Red Guitar Serial - 151330

Fender Telecaster Sunburst  Guitar - Serial - z9475201

Fender Telecaster White (Yellow Pickguard) Guitar Wear marks on front. Deftones sticker on back. 

Gibson Les Paul Signature “T” Guitar Truss rod cover changed for blank. Black/Cream binding Serial-134921439

Hohner Dark Brown Acoustic Guitar (repaired crack on the neck)

Yamaha FG-180 Acoustic Guitar Serial - 1528031

2013 Black Fender “p” Bass Guitar MIM With black Pick Guard

Universal Audio Solo 610 Preamp for Microphone

Pearl Export Drum Kit Dark Green, (Kick, two tom drums)

Zildjian K Custom 20” Ride Cymbal

Zildjian K Custom 13” Dark Hi-Hat Cymbals (pair)

Zildjian A Custom 16” Medium Crash

Zildjian “17” Fast Crash

Peavey JSX Head (Front Logo Missing)

Peavey 3120 Head

Marshall 4x12 Cab (Light Color Wood)

Acoustic 370 Bass Head

Acoustic 406 2x15 Bass Cabinet

Glyph Small Black External Hard Drive. ««<Whats on this drive means the world to us. There were 3 other copies…all on computers/hard drives in the van

LaCie Rugged Orange and Silver External Hard Drive ««<Whats on this drive means the world to us. There were 3 other copies…all on computers/hard drives in the van

Apogee Duet Sound Card Silver and Black

Strobo Stomp Tuner


Paypal : godeepny@gmail.com

Contact: kris.kneale@gmail.com

this suuuuuucks. help these dudes out

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